FreeZone, an innovative and new design tool storage systems company.

Wall Tool Organizer
Pegboard Hooks and AccessoriesWith FreeZone series, now all your tools can find their own position in your work shop!!
  • Feature

    FreeZone helps you to arrange and organize all your tools on your way. With variety of the accessories, whatever your tool is you can find the suitable place for it to meet your working style.
Small Parts Storage Bins
Small Parts Storage BinsHelp you to easily sort out your little parts such as screws, nails.
  • Feature

    There are 5 different size of box for you to build up the best combination to keep the small part.
  • On the wall and in the drawer

    Storage Bin system can be installed on the wall and also in the trolley drawer.
Tool Storage Boxes
Freebox - Tool Storage BoxesNot only in the work shop, you can use FREEZONE everywhere you like with Freebox.
  • Portable and Stackable Function

    Working outdoor? No problem! Set up your own tool set and bring them to where you need. Feel like camping or fishing? Why not! Carry everything all in Freebox.
  • Front Window

    You can easily check the content inside the case through the front window without opening up.